We decided to use our knowledge of the business and equipment to open a pressure wash supply company to help other local pressure washing companies find the much-needed supplies and equipment we use in our everyday work life. Thank you to everyone that has left a review about us. We look forward to being there for you and helping you grow your business.  

5-star-review.pngWEBSITE REVIEW: Jud West, WashRite Services
If all of my future experiences are as exceptional as my first order, Panhandle Power Wash Supply has earned a customer for life.

While in the middle of a two week project almost four hours from home I had a major breakdown on one piece of my equipment. It was not a common part carried by all supply stores so I scanned supply houses within a two day shipping range from my home. Panhandle Power Wash Supply had the part and shipping requirements needed but that’s not the impressive part.

I placed the order at 9:30pm and sent a message verifying the order and shipping requirements hoping to get a response by the next morning. They replied within minutes stating they had the part in stock and guaranteed it would ship the next morning. Needless to say, I slept very well knowing when I got home for the weekend to regroup I would have the part there waiting on me.

Customer service is a lost art in today’s environment but it was refreshing to see it is still alive and well at Panhandle Power Wash Supply.

Thank you for your timely response and prompt shipping.

5-star-review.pngGOOGLE REVIEW: Gregory Townsend, Townsend's Under Pressure
Shane and Trudi at Panhandle Power Wash Supply went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed. EVEN WHILE THEY WERE ON VACATION. Every question I had was answered and their recommendations were spot on. Top shelf customer service. Definitely a repeat customer. I suggest them for all your pressure washing, soft washing and chemical needs.

5-star-review.pngGOOGLE REVIEW: Russell Weaver
Figured out today that we actually have a pressure washer supply store not too far from me. Went up there and Shane was very nice and helped me with all that I needed and then some. Even gave me a few tips and advice at no charge. If I was a drinker hes definitely someone I could sit down and have a beer with. I look forward to doing more business with him.

5-star-review.pngGOOGLE REVIEW: Jason Smith
It great to have access to contractor grade supplies locally. Great service great prices!

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